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# Name Summary
1. Price Average price one coin is currently trading for on the major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world
2. Market capitalization The total market value of the 'supply in in circulation' of the cryptocurrency ['Market cap' = 'Supply in circulation' * 'price']
3. Trade volume Combined value of all trades on cryptocurrency exchanges
4. Supply limit The supply limit is the maximum number of coins, which will be created
5. Current supply The total number of coins in existence
6. Current supply in circulation Total number of coins distributed to the public
7. Issuance / day Number of coins created within one day. Average over the last seven days
8. Monetary inflation / year Yearly inflation of the cryptocurrency. '% inflation' = 'Daily inflation' / 'Total supply' * 365
9. Hardware wallets Hardware device to securely store cryptocurrencies.
10. Open source Software, which source code is open to the public.